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27 Proper


This weekend gave me life. I owe him my life because he made it happen. Dudes my mfkn ride or die. #BadBoys4Life

Himself and my roommates.

My actual birthday was one ill never forget. I was completely miserable and should not have been around people.

Thats not important though…

Here’s to the #27Club

I truly feel different this time. Hahahaha what is it with that question that people ask on your bday?

“hows it feel?” like, whet? Just another day in the life.

But any who.

In one week I have found myself in a different mind state.. I finally feel like a grown up and I’m very resentful of my 26th year and everything involved in it.

I had an intimate weekend with Ky, my roommates and their ladies.

Friday was great. We raged that night and then on sat I took my ass to school for a couple hours and then went back and scooped Ky’s ass up and we went to Super Dupes

After that we cooled it for an hour before we headed to Drakes where no one that I invited informed (outside of my house) showed up.

People genuinely wonder how/why I’m so humble. Hahahaha…. I have a lovely support system but people are people and they’re all going to do what they want. I have a habit of setting things up in my life for minimal letdown, so Saturday was perfect.

I wrote a drunk post that night and low-key embarrassed myself. Im keeping it though.. Im human and shit like that shows it..



Im working so hard at staying true to myself.
True story, Ive been very upset with myself for selling out so hard for the last couple years..
I’ve felt a whole lot of hurt this past month from all of the reflection.
A deep amount of hurt that I only realize the more I talk about it. I was talking to Ky about it on Saturday and I just kept getting so angry.
So i’m trying to figure out how to get past it..

Twenty Seven. Hungry. Lonely. Collections letters. Repo phone calls. Unpaid Parking tickets. Unpaid utilities. Physical exhaustion. Mental exhaustion. Cant sleep. Socially Accepted.
And I’m still telling myself that I am invincible… Somedays it works, some it doesn’t.. But hey, anything is worth a shot. What else do you do when everything you built has been dismantled? Delusional? I think naht!

Ive decided that I want to try LSD sometime in the next year of my life. (fck you. I’m fascinated)
I’m currently trying to figure out what to do after I graduate and get my license.. I should really take a week off before I jump back in..

*Pay off debt
*Move into my own place
*Open a barbershop

*Make it through school
*Pass the state board
*Acquire a chair at my barbershop
*Work out the details for going home once a month
*Build my brand
*Build my clientele

It Was Written..

I’m tired of typing now.


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