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I was feeling some kind of way the other night and ended up tweet-storming.
I liked it and felt like it should be here. Idk

I heard the word in a song recently and I just cannot remember the damn song.. But it stood out to me and then it became the title of this new year of mine..
And I am slowly regaining control.
I feel like I walk with a lot more confidence than ever before and its weird.. Hahahaha I feel like I’ve grown into myself or something. Who knows, Ill report on shit like that later I suppose.
I have been tested a couple times already and id like to say that I am succeeding in the “this is who I am, accept it” department.

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Anonymous - 24. Sep, 2015 - Reply

I love you.
Somehow, you always “get it” without even knowing someone out there needs to be “got”
For you, I am thankful