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So, this is Dan Meets World.

Im working on turning this site into a living and breathing expression of myself as I live and breathe.

Who the hell am I anyways? I’m a nobody that you’re reading about because I’ve done Something interesting to get you here.

This bio has changed so many times and I love it.
I’m just another 20something on this wild ride to figuring out who the hell I am. These 20’s have been a great time.

I don’t update AS much anymore, but that is because im really living…
Seriously. Im pushing 30 now and in the primest-time of my life. I’m a barber now and am building every day upon this multi-whatever brand of mine and its so crazy cool

Anywho. Here’s a True Story:

This site used to be a blog/photo portfolio but I’ve happily moved on to a new medium of artistic expression.. Its just my life! haha my life is my art man I call it: “Life: a performance art”

I do this for myself but I love sharing what I have done, and the stories behind them.

I am just a dude that is passionate about being dope.
I love doing dope shit and that fuels me.

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Catch me if you can!