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Blurb: Indicud I had a good start to my morning today! I hella woke up with enough time to wash my damn face...

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Blurb: a Good day

It bugs me that the tone of my writing just feels so dark. Today was a good day.. It wasn't an Ice Cube Good Day, but I mean.. This evening, more...

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Blurb: a Demon Day

Tis' a lonely night in the life.. Yes, lonely. I did some driving, felt like writing.. couldn't wait to get home and write.. Now I'm here and I've...

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Rant: Fck Rules

Fuck the rules that society says we have to follow and believe in. I make my own rules and have my own beliefs and share my world with everyone else...

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Blurb: To Binge

I'm hungry as shit right now breh. On the bright side: I still have some chicken left over from last night (the...

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Blurb: Sleepyhead / audio

This song.. Gives me life.
There are many songs that do that, but this has to be top 5… This song genuinely makes me smile.
I’ve read the words to it a hundred times and I still don’t remember them..
I’ve read the words to it a hundred and one times and I still can’t explain what it’s about..

I just get so wrapped up in the magical combination of voice over instrumentation..
It’s just so magical that I needed to share it with the world! (or the 10ppl that will probably read this)

It’s 215am and I hope that someone is up to listen to this because it’s perfection at this specific time of the night.

Gah, I wish this song were so much longer because my mind really gets going when it’s on and it’s so short that I can’t really fully drift… I’m not complaining though. It’s still perfect to me.

Anywho.. Ive got this nasty dry cough that I feel will calm down if I just lay on my back and stare at the dark ceiling and wait until tomorrow.

Later Days my friends.

Rant: Photography

Man.. I just don't like photography right now... More and more. It's a total personal problem that I take full responsibility for.. Shits just so...

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Blurb: DLM

2am and I have to wake up at 830 to take my roommate to work tomorrow and then drive until I quit.. Current thoughts: I'm an absolute mess right...

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Blurb: Unattainable

I am unattainable... (said in a confessional tone) Idk, I always thought I was 'attainable'... I definitely tried to be.. But I do have a distance...

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