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Hey! Thank You for visiting my world 🙂 I truly appreciate you.

Thanks Again! Come back soon, Spread the word! I drop updates and shenanigans pretty often, so I’m hoping that this wasn’t a one time thing because this is definitely here to stay

Leave some Love? Hate? Shenanigans! Or even Suggestions. Whatever it is, it’s Your input and it’s appreciated.

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Megan - 01. Sep, 2011 - Reply

I’m so in love. I’ve only been browsing for 6 minutes and I am absolutely in love. It’s beautiful, Danny Ray. <3.

KeAlohaSam - 01. Sep, 2011 - Reply

It’s beautiful. I love it. <3 Happy Birthday.

Vicky - 01. Sep, 2011 - Reply

You are amazing!!

Rekey - 02. Sep, 2011 - Reply

this is… Danny Ray, well done sir. well done.

Gorgeous - 04. Sep, 2011 - Reply

You’re amazing. I love this site. <3

Lorretta - 05. Sep, 2011 - Reply

I <3 this and I think you are an amazing man…with so much talent.

Nikayla Lakes(Lil Cuz) - 16. Sep, 2011 - Reply

Hey cuz man u r so talented. I loved every single picture and blog from the beginning to the end. Your so creative and intelligent! This is my first cuz but this def. wont be my last.. Expect to see more of the family drop thru soon!! Love ya and keep at it! A talent like this comes once n a lifetime!

Michele Mullins - 04. Oct, 2011 - Reply

Love, love, love!!

Abbey - 17. Oct, 2011 - Reply

Hey these are awesome! You are so talented!

Bety - 31. Dec, 2011 - Reply

Danny Ray!! You are awesomazing <3
This gift you have is huge yo! You can do so much with it, I can't wait to see you out there in El Mundo 🙂 I'm so honored to witness to this talent… I wanted to officially place my love on here… LoveIt!

Andrea - 25. Mar, 2012 - Reply

Your Mom and Harry… are oh so proud of you. I hope you have one you can post in Harry Wade’s memory… such talent. absolutely awesome.

Katie Huncovsky - 27. Jul, 2012 - Reply

Love all your work! Dan Meets World is one of my favs! Thanks for sharing life from your point of view!

nick andrus - 28. Jul, 2012 - Reply

Thanks for providing me with desktop backgrounds

Kuhloha - 01. Sep, 2012 - Reply


Anonymous - 01. Sep, 2012 - Reply

happy danniversary!! and happy birthdaay! you are the most amaziing <3

Marquis Hines - 18. Dec, 2012 - Reply

You are a BOSS!!!

Anonymous - 26. Dec, 2012 - Reply

Getting familiar kid. We still may be the same person.. #excelsior

Cody Peters - 01. Sep, 2013 - Reply


KeAloha - 01. Sep, 2013 - Reply

<3 I wanna be DannyRaymous.

Anonymous - 01. Sep, 2013 - Reply


Sandra Mclemore - 01. Sep, 2013 - Reply

WOW Danny very nice

MDiesel - 01. Sep, 2013 - Reply

Fuck Hawkeye.

rekey - 01. Sep, 2013 - Reply

Awesome job dude great way to kick off Danny Ray vol. 25.1

Anjelynn Hingada - 01. Sep, 2013 - Reply

I love it. Thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams. You have been a lot of help over the years, from downloading programs, to even helping me with my edits. You are one of the few people who would give me feed back on my work. instead of just saying “it looks good.” I just hope to be as good as you, in photography. One day soon. (:

Bety - 01. Sep, 2013 - Reply

My Danny Ray
Me Encanta <3

I'm so obsessed with your work. Your gift is one & only. Thank you for sharing it to the world. It's comforting. You're amazing love. Happy Birthday!!

chocolate fantasy - 01. Sep, 2013 - Reply

Dang son this website is dope! This is my first time seeing it out of developer mode. Deira was like I didn’t know he took photos. She said she wants to buy one…on discount though lol.

Anonymous - 10. Sep, 2013 - Reply

amazing as always <3 - 23. Jan, 2014 - Reply

Hello Dan. I’m particularly impressed with the eye-catching Color of your pictures. Your landscapes are a play of light and colour, their quality is worthy of imitation. Greetings, Arthur