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Nothing Like This

This is a repost. I lost my site and a couple posts in the process. So this is directly from my phone with no edits. sorry


<insert track>
This song is fitting this feeling so right, right now.
<insert screen>
The plane is lifting off and I’m beginning to think that it’s one of my most favorite feelings.
The beauty of taking off is the possibility of falling yanno?

I’m on my way home and I finally feel like I’m on the road to being great… All of these years I’ve cried about just being great. “I just wanna be great”.

I’m really feeling the love right now. I’m really feeling like I’m right where I’m supposed to be.. Where I’ve been headed this whole time and damn does it feel good.

<insert convo with shop>
Right there man.. I have no clue what will come of this meeting but it’s most definitely a sign. A sign of rapid progress. I always plan for success but I plan in humble increments.. Aim high but expect low yanno?
I keep getting these Yelp reviews and good merits at work. I’m hitting milestones and shit and doing things that I literally dreamed about last year.

I was home at this exact same time last year and I was fucking struggling. My life was the worst I’d ever experience and now I’m on my way home to celebrate so much life.
Two babies were born to friends that are my family, and my ten year reunion is tomorrow.

I can’t shake the guilty feeling of where I am right now without a couple that helped me but that’s just life.

I’m so. Damn. Proud of myself right now that it’s a little overwhelming haha I’d cry but I’m on a plane and typing away on my phone so no thank you..

I’ve taken a step back from the things that I need to do, to just take in exactly where I am and exactly what’s going on right now because who knows what my next trial and tribulation will be? I’m not worried man, it’ll show its face when it’s ready. Until then it’s pizza, cider, inspiration and laughter.

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